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Non ferrous separator (Eddy currents separator) SNF, for separating Al, Cu, Pb and others no magnetic alloys, designed and built taking into account all the problems concerning operation, efficiency, running and maintenance, SNF ideal for recycling.

Field of applications:

  • INCINERATING plants,
  • SCRAP-GLASS processing plants,
  • WOOD and PAPER processing plant,
  • CAR shedder plants,
  • ELECTRONIC scrap processing plants,
  • PLASTIC processing plants.

Operating principle:

A rotor with permanent magnets turns at high speed inside the head drum fitted to the end of
a conveyor belt.
When non-magnetic electroconductor materials are under this magnetic field, eddy currents are induce in them, these generate a magnetic field of the rotor and so the non-ferrous materials will be separated from the conveyed flux, following a parabolic trajectory.


Basic equipment:

  • Electrical gear for feeding and driving [IP54],
  • Automatic mechanical brake for polar wheel emergency stop in a few seconds,
  • Carbon steel frame shaped to allow an easy replacement of belt ,if needed,
  • Very strong protections to prevent object entering moving parts, built according EC rules,
  • Antivibrating supports,
  • Discharging hopper,
  • Control device:
    - Belt limit switch,
    - Belt rotation control limit switch,
    - Bearings thermal detector,
    - Running time counter.

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